The division brings together the agencies of Havas Group in Russia.

It comprises
6 expert agencies in the fields of media, digital, branded content,
creativity and PR.

Havas Group is one of the largest communication groups in the world. Founded by Charles-Louis Havas in 1835, today the Group comprises more than 20,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

Havas unites brands and people throughout the world through creativity, media expertise and innovation. Havas is the most integrated company in the field of global advertising. Coming together at country level as “Villages”, the agencies of Havas create a customer-centric approach to addressing the challenges that brands face.

Since 2003 Havas Group in Russia has represented by ADV group.


The team

Boris Karasyov

CEO of Havas Media Group

Boris is a graduate of Moscow Aviation Institute. He started his career in 1996 at Initiative, where he worked his way up to CEO. In 2006 he became Head of Havas Media and has overseen the launch of new Havas entities in Russia. In 2012, Boris was appointed CEO of Havas Media Group in Russia.

Elena Belova

CEO of Havas Media

Elena graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in 2000. In 2005 she joined the board of directors at Initiative as Director of Mass Media Advertising, and in 2006 she became Director of Client Relations. In 2012 she moved to Havas Media, where she became CEO.

Ruslan Samayev

CEO of Arena

Ruslan has worked in the media business for more than 20 years, including at Comandarm Media, PanMedia Western and Media Direction CEE Ltd. He joined ADV Group in 2003. For several years he was Chief Strategy Officer at MPG (now Havas Media). Ruslan joined Arena in 2008.

Ilya Mikin


From 1995 Ilya worked in media at Ogilvy and Media Direction. From 2002 to 2012 he worked in marketing at Intel, Unilever and OZON. Since 2015 he has been the head of MAXIMA, which became part of the Havas Media Group.

Tara Erickson

CEO of Havas Creative Group

Tara has more than 20 years of experience in advertising. For 6 years she was the CEO at McCann Moscow and Lowe Adventa in Russia. She returned to Russia in 2014 to join Havas Creative Group as CEO.

Polina Maguire

Creative Director at Havas

Polina has more than 15 years' experience in advertising. She started as a copywriter at D'Arcy and Leo Burnett and then worked as Creative Group Head at Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi and BBDO Group. She was Creative Director at TNT.
She has numerous awards, including being short-listed three times at Cannes.

Evgenia Arabkina

Creative Director at Havas Life

Evgenia has more than 10 years of experience in advertising. She previously worked as a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi and later as Creative Director at BusinessLink.
Since 2015 she has been Head of the Creative Team at Havas Life Moscow.

Alexander Savanin

Creative Director at Arnold Moscow

Alexander has more than 10 years of experience in advertising. He spent his first years working at Sovero and later at TBWA.
Before joining the Havas Creative Group, Alexander worked at Creative Network.


The work of the division is based on the Together platform, which is designed to achieve maximum efficiency in the shortest time. Havas Village unites experts from every marketing discipline under one roof,
thereby guaranteeing the best possible client service.


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