ADV Experience

The agencies of this Division specialize in creating new ways for consumers to interact with brands. They have at their disposal a range of marketing solutions for integrated product promotion and the PR tools to reinforce our clients’ reputation.




Today’s winning advertising campaigns are those which not only inform, but also expand consumers’ horizons and provoke a strong emotional response in them. Our mission is to change the way we think about communication and the way we approach it, in order to successfully bring about a new phase in digital transformation.


The team

Dmytro Khmelevsky

Head of ADV Experience

Dmitro joined ADV Group in March 2021.

Before that he worked at McCANN's US office, where he led Mastercard customer service in Latin America and the Caribbean.

From 2010 to 2017, he served as Client Director at McCANN Moscow, where he worked with Nestle, Mastercard, GM, Sberbank, Tele2, etc., as well as led the development of new business.

Ekaterina Bokova

Head of Sport & Entertainment Direction

Ekaterina Bokova began her career in advertising at ADV group at the BrandNew agency in 2001. Her marketing career continued at Wella (part of P&G group), after which she returned to ADV. She was Head of the Momentum and TMA agencies at separate times. She is now Head of Sport & Entertainment Direction, which comprises 3 agencies specializing in this field.

Nadezhda Shilova

Chief Operating Officer

Nadezhda was head of various sales channels at MARS and Unilever from 2000 to 2008. In 2008 she joined TMA-Draft as Buying Director. In 2012 she was appointed Chief Operating Officer at ADV Experience.

Pavel Emelyanenko

Strategy Director

Pavel has worked in marketing and advertising since 2001. His experience includes working at network agencies (Publicis Group, BBDO Group), as well as small startup companies in Russia and abroad. He also worked as carbonated soft drinks marketing manager at PepsiCo Russia. Since 2011 Pavel has worked at ADV Experience as Head of Strategy.

Vera Murashchenko

Head of Core Business Direction

Vera Murashchenko graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute. She started her career in marketing at TMA-Draft, part of ADV Group, in 2000. Vera was promoted from account manager to Chief Client Officer, and was responsible for the development of brands such as Nestle, MasterCard, Wimm-Bill-Dann and PepsiCo. In 2007 Vera moved to the Group's startup, Momentum agency, which she headed in 2012. Since 2017 she has been Head of Core Business Direction at ADV Experience.

Careers at ADV Experience

If you want to set trends rather than follow them, and if freedom, creativity and growth are your main goals in life, then we’d love you to join us at ADV Experience!