For more than 20 years we have been creating and developing solutions and technologies designed to build a transparent link between marketing investments and sales.

ADV is the leading communication group in Russia and is the partner of international holdings of IPG and Havas.

For more than 20 years we have been creating and developing solutions and technologies designed to build a transparent link between marketing investments and sales.

ADV is the leading communication group in Russia and is the partner of international holdings of IPG and Havas.


ADV Group is a collaboration of experts in the fields of technologies, media, marketing strategy and creativity.


We bring together teams of people with common goals to achieve inspirational business results for brands.

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Be the #1 company in Russian marketing industry in the eyes of our clients and partners.

By allowing business and consumers to better understand each other and actively interact, we help our clients become the best in their field.
We also create a positive working environment both for our current business partners and for the new ones.


People are the core of any communication business. We invest in intelligent, ambitious and determined professionals who are ready to take the lead and think free of stereotypes.


We’re looking for the most advanced solutions on the market and build our own products. Smart and hi-tech marketing – that’s what we offer to our clients.


The future is our present. We are the ones who set the trends. To be the best today, we cultivate the skills that will be in demand tomorrow.


We try out new approaches and find exceptional solutions to achieve our goals.


Success of our clients is our success too, so we focus on sustainable growth of their business as a result of our joint work.


We also know exactly that any result can be improved – and this is the keystone of all processes in the company.


Millennials interact in a different way with each other and with their surroundings. In order to be noticed by these new consumers it is vital for brands themselves to keep changing along with the global environment.

The Aizek platform is ADV’s response to the challenges of media reality. The group’s first in-house product, Aizek uses artificial intelligence to ensure effective purchasing of advertising inventory across all existing media: TV, online, digital OOH, etc.

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Oleg Leshchuk


Oleg’s career in advertising began in 1992 when he successfully launched the project Subculture on the RTR TV channel. In 1994, Oleg Leshchuk and his business partner Oleg Povarov established the agency Magic Box. In 2008, it was merged with the Arena agency network to form Arena Magic Box, which became part the of the Havas international network. Oleg has been President and a shareholder of Arena agency since 2008. He holds an EXMBA-17 degree from Skolkovo Business School and a Digital MBA degree from Group.

Andrey Chuvaev

Chief Executive Officer

Andrey joined the ADV team as CEO of Havas Media in 2021, and was put in charge of the whole Group’s media assets in September of 2022. Before ADV, he served as COO of Serviceplan Group Russia and ran Vizeum agency (dentsu Russia) for seven years. Andrey had also previously worked for such agencies as OMD Media Direction, PHD, and Carat.

Andrey Klychev

Chief Financial Officer

Andrey joined the ADV team in 2018 as Chief Financial Officer.
Before ADV, he also served as CFO at a number of companies, including Papa Johns, SAP, CityAds Media, and Mamsy.
Andrey started his career at PwC as Tax Consultant; he then worked at Philip Morris International as Tax Manager and at Siemens as Head of Corporate Tax. Andrey holds a Master’s degree in Economics.

Dimitris Vayas

Head of ADV Group’s Media Assets

Dimitris Vayas has been employed in the advertising industry for more than 15 years, of which for 9 he was the CEO of an advertising agency.
Dimitris joined the ADV team in 2023 as Head of ADV Group’s Media Assets. He manages the following agencies: Havas Media, Arena, Initiative, UM, and HADI. Dimitris is also a Co-Chairman of AKAR's AdTech Committee.
Since 2014, Dimitris headed PHD Media Agency. Before that, he had worked for Dentsu Aegis Network as Deputy Director for Business Development and Director for Internet Business Development for more than 6 years.

Inna Ovcharova

New Business Director

Inna began her career at Rambler&Co (Afisha). Over the 15 years of her work for the company, she grew from a Sales Manager of Afisha to the Commercial Director of the united company Rambler&Co. Inna has been with ADV since 2015, first as New Business Director of ADV Digital, then as New Business Director of IPG Mediabrands. As a result of her performance in 2017, Inna Ovcharova received the ADV award For Outstanding Results. She has been New Business Director of ADV since 2018.

Julia Tokareva

HR Director

Yulia has more than 15 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. She joined the ADV team in 2010 as an HR Manager of Initiative. Yulia has been HR Director of ADV Group since 2017. She is in charge of the group’s organisational structure, recruitment, HR management, employee incentive programmes, training, and in-house communications. Yulia is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Lawyers and Notaries.

Sergey Shuskov

Offline Media Buying Director

Sergey graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2007. During his last year at the university, Sergey started his career in the advertising market by joining MPG Agency (presently Havas Media) in 2006 as Junior TV Buyer. In 2014, he became Director of Broadcasting Media Buying; in 2017, Sergey joined the new division of ADV Lab & Benchmark as TV Director.

Dmitry Ulyashenko

CEO of Havas Media

Dmitry has an extensive track record in the advertising market; his past positions include Deputy CEO of NMi Group, that’s after being in charge of the Group’s business development for four years. In his career, Dmitry also worked at Publicis and Dentsu as a Director and Head of Business Development. In 2020, he won the 20th National Award Media Manager of Russia in the category Advertising and Marketing Communications.

Irina Lokshina

CEO of Initiative

Irina’s track record in the advertising industry spans more than 20 years, with the last 10 of them in managerial positions. She has vast work experience with the largest advertising groups, such as Dentsu, GroupM, and Media Instinct. Irina has been CEO of Initiative since 2021.

Ruslan Samaev

CEO of Arena

Ruslan has been working in the Russian marketing industry for more than 20 years. He joined ADV Group in 2003 and for several years served as Development Director of MPG agency (presently Havas Media). He became CEO of Arena in 2008. Ruslan has wide experience of working with many categories and clients, such as Evalar, Lenta, Sovcombank, Rostelecom, Dr.Theiss, Valenta, Akrikhin, and many others.

Pavel Ignatov


Pavel started his career at UM agency in 2015, where he worked his way up from Junior Media Planner to Media Director, then promoted to Chief Product Officer, while constantly scaling up his media and product expertise and developing his team. He took part in the projects that won Effie Russia awards for efficiency. He teaches at the Higher School of Economics and is a member of the State Examination Board at Financial University.

Nadezhda Shilova

Co-Founder and CEO of Adlabs

Nadezhda Shilova, Co-Founder and CEO of Adlabs Internet agency, is a Co-Chairperson of the Commission for Performance Marketing and Adjacent Markets at ARIR, Russian Interactive Advertisement Development Association. She has more than 20 years of work experience in the advertising and marketing business. In 2004, Nadezhda established and became head of Adlabs agency, which is now a leading player in performance marketing and promotion on the marketplaces and websites of online retailers. In 2019, she joined the ADV communications group. Nadezhda is a co-organiser of iMetrics, the first web analytics conference in Russia. She holds a degree in systems analysis and management. Nadezhda’s key interests include strategy, management, team building, performance marketing, marketplaces, e-commerce, and retail media.

Sandra Kapcic

CEO of Havas Creative Group

Sandra joined the ADV team in 2019. She is an accomplished specialist with over 20 years of expertise in advertising and publishing in Croatia, UK, Israel and Russia. Before joining Havas, Sandra served as Head of Customer Service Department at Instinct (BBDO Group) for more than 7 years.


ADV Benchmark / Division Learn more

The ADV Benchmark division is a buying structure that forms a centralized media-buying ecosystem (TV, Digital, OOH, press and radio) for all clients of the ADV group. The division’s activities are based on a transparent and technologically advanced system that meets the requirements of the market and is created on the basis of modern technologies.

ADV Tech / Division Learn more

The ADV Tech division combines the company’s capacity to develop new products and services. Its tasks include creating a technological base and finding partners for key business areas: increasing efficiency, automation of planning and advertising inventory buying, CRM, data monetization, eCommerce, analytics, as well as corporate innovation and venture funding. The division team develops both current and new projects, including using the spin-off model. ADV Tech works hand-in-hand with the ADV LaunchPad venture studio, providing support to the group’s agencies in regular customer development, MVP rapid launch and testing, and the creation of turnkey projects for ADV clients

ADV Experience / Division Learn more

The agencies of this Division specialize in creating new ways for consumers to interact with brands. They have at their disposal a range of marketing solutions for integrated product promotion and the PR tools to reinforce our clients’ reputation.

Havas Village Russia / Division Learn more

The division brings together the agencies of the international Havas Group in Russia. It comprises 6 expert agencies in the fields of media, digital, branded content, creativity and PR.


Havas Group is one of the world’s largest communication groups. Founded in 1835 by Charles Louis Havas, today the group has more than 20,000 employees in more than 100 countries.


Havas is the most integrated advertising company in the world. United in” Villages ” at the country level, Havas agencies create a client-centric approach to solving brand problems.


Since 2003, Havas Group has been represented by ADV group in Russia.

IPG Russia / Division Learn more

The Division brings together the agencies of the international communications network IPG. It comprises 7 agencies that provide a full range of services in media planning, media buying, content projects, analytics, digital marketing and creativity.


IPG (Interpublic Group of Companies) is a global leader in marketing solutions. More than 50,000 talented professionals from different communication disciplines around the world solve brand challenges, improving their business results.


IPG was founded in the United States in 1930 as McCann-Erickson, and received its current name in 1961.


Interpublic Group has been representing its interests and opportunities in Russia through its partnership with ADV group since 1995.


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